People are always asking the same questions, what are the best face creams and where to find them. Today stores have all the creams for all types of skin problems. Depending on what you want to do, you will pick a cream that will best suit your needs and fix your skin problems. It is very important to know that not all face creams are formulated to serve your purpose. That is exactly why it is important to know what each ingredient does for your skin before you make up your mind about the face cream that you want to start using. We already mentioned that it is really important to know which cream suits your type of skin. Different active ingredients are used for oily or dry skin, sensitive or combination skin. Wrong face cream choice could result in worsening the situation and we do not want that at all.

Common active ingredients

When making your choice about the face cream, these are some of the active ingredients that you will come across the most so it’d be good to know some things about them. First would be DMAE. DMAE stands for Dimethylaminoethanol and it is an anti-aging ingredient that has both long lasting and instant effect. It can help your skin to improve its moisture retention capability and self renovate, elasticity, facial skin tone, and it is really helpful with skin sagging that happens due to aging.

Neuropeptides control your cellular function. They facilitate interactions between cells while generating skin immunity elements and components. When you get a face cream with neuropeptides, they will increase collagen and elastin production, heal wrinkles and improve circulation. This can result in a youthful looking appearance without wrinkles.

Phospholipids are usually found in the best face cream brands. They are very important for maintaining proper hydration of your face skin. Sun rays and air pollution can remove the natural phospholipids from your face so a face cream with phospholipids will help you to restore the natural protective layer.

Polyphenols are anti oxidants that are the best for fighting free radicals. They can protect your skin from premature aging process.