Two types of face cream

Two types of face cream

There are two types of face cream and moisturizers and it is always good to keep track of it. One type is for the day and the other is for the night. Of course, you will not go wrong if you wear it the other way around but, some ingredients go better during the day and the other go better during the night. During the summer or winter, the air in your home can become really dry. This is not good for your skin but, it really depends on your skin type. It does not matter what time of a day it is, your skin needs care all the time so make sure that you do your best about it.

Best daytime face cream

Your daytime care needs to be rich enough so that your skin can absorb it quickly and get hydrated. Also, it is important that your face cream for the day can block the sun effectively and of course, feel good on your skin. The best face creams are the ones with a super sensitive shield. Also, you will want one that smells nice. There is a problem with the smell, almost all creams smell terrible. This can be solved easily because now, these face creams all have nice scents so just pick the one that you like the most. It is important that your face cream has both mineral sunscreens like titanium oxide or zinc oxide and humectants like glycerin and sodium hyaluronate.

Now, just like the face cream for the day, there are face creams that are the best for the night. You will need creams with hydrodynamic ultimate moisture effect. Your night face cream needs to be decadent, rich and quenching. When you wake up, your skin will still remain fresh, even after you wash your face and your skin will almost have that radiant glow. The key to the smoothness of night face creams lies in magical retinyl palmitate. It helps to restore tone, texture and improves the natural skin softness.

By applying both face creams properly during the day and night, your skin should become much healthier and smoother over a very short period of time. It is always good to play with the ingredients for better results.

Face Cream Ingredients

Face Cream Ingredients

People are always asking the same questions, what are the best face creams and where to find them. Today stores have all the creams for all types of skin problems. Depending on what you want to do, you will pick a cream that will best suit your needs and fix your skin problems. It is very important to know that not all face creams are formulated to serve your purpose. That is exactly why it is important to know what each ingredient does for your skin before you make up your mind about the face cream that you want to start using. We already mentioned that it is really important to know which cream suits your type of skin. Different active ingredients are used for oily or dry skin, sensitive or combination skin. Wrong face cream choice could result in worsening the situation and we do not want that at all.

Common active ingredients

When making your choice about the face cream, these are some of the active ingredients that you will come across the most so it’d be good to know some things about them. First would be DMAE. DMAE stands for Dimethylaminoethanol and it is an anti-aging ingredient that has both long lasting and instant effect. It can help your skin to improve its moisture retention capability and self renovate, elasticity, facial skin tone, and it is really helpful with skin sagging that happens due to aging.

Neuropeptides control your cellular function. They facilitate interactions between cells while generating skin immunity elements and components. When you get a face cream with neuropeptides, they will increase collagen and elastin production, heal wrinkles and improve circulation. This can result in a youthful looking appearance without wrinkles.

Phospholipids are usually found in the best face cream brands. They are very important for maintaining proper hydration of your face skin. Sun rays and air pollution can remove the natural phospholipids from your face so a face cream with phospholipids will help you to restore the natural protective layer.

Polyphenols are anti oxidants that are the best for fighting free radicals. They can protect your skin from premature aging process.

The Best Face Cream Recommendations

The Best Face Cream Recommendations

It does not take a skin care expert or a dermatologist to tell you which face cream you can use safely but, it is always best to ask before you try any product. If you can not ask or you do not want to, it is always good to read some articles about it on the net, because there are a lot of useful information that one can find there in order to educate himself or herself about what would be the best for their skin type. People always say that wetness is the key to the perfect moisturizer because moisture is the essence of wetness and wetness is the key to beauty. If you just want to be beautiful, this might do the trick for you. It is very important to keep your skin properly hydrated. The only way to do that is to keep it moist.

Face creams were not supposed to moisturize your face but, rather, keep the moisture that is already there in place. Some creams are really good for absorbing and they let your skin breathe while maintaining the proper moisture level of your skin texture. There are different opinions about what the skin really needs but, dermatologists, cosmetic chemists and technicians and skin care product developers all agree on one thing, moisture is the key to having a healthy skin. So, the best face cream would be the one that will keep your skin moisturized without smothering it.

How to know which face cream is the best

If you are changing your skin care a lot, you are probably a victim to marketing and salespeople who will assure you what is the best for you. Most of the time, this will not be true although there are some exceptions but, they are very rare. The key to finding the best face cream that will suit your type of skin personally would be in knowing what type of skin you have. Also, before you start using any product, you need to check yourself on allergies because you do not want to end up all swollen up because of that. After all this, always pay attention to a list of ingredients and try to find a dermatologist or a skincare expert who will give you an advice what product would be the best for you. Just relax and enjoy your results.

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