There are two types of face cream and moisturizers and it is always good to keep track of it. One type is for the day and the other is for the night. Of course, you will not go wrong if you wear it the other way around but, some ingredients go better during the day and the other go better during the night. During the summer or winter, the air in your home can become really dry. This is not good for your skin but, it really depends on your skin type. It does not matter what time of a day it is, your skin needs care all the time so make sure that you do your best about it.

Best daytime face cream

Your daytime care needs to be rich enough so that your skin can absorb it quickly and get hydrated. Also, it is important that your face cream for the day can block the sun effectively and of course, feel good on your skin. The best face creams are the ones with a super sensitive shield. Also, you will want one that smells nice. There is a problem with the smell, almost all creams smell terrible. This can be solved easily because now, these face creams all have nice scents so just pick the one that you like the most. It is important that your face cream has both mineral sunscreens like titanium oxide or zinc oxide and humectants like glycerin and sodium hyaluronate.

Now, just like the face cream for the day, there are face creams that are the best for the night. You will need creams with hydrodynamic ultimate moisture effect. Your night face cream needs to be decadent, rich and quenching. When you wake up, your skin will still remain fresh, even after you wash your face and your skin will almost have that radiant glow. The key to the smoothness of night face creams lies in magical retinyl palmitate. It helps to restore tone, texture and improves the natural skin softness.

By applying both face creams properly during the day and night, your skin should become much healthier and smoother over a very short period of time. It is always good to play with the ingredients for better results.